Bethan Beaney established Berkshire Speech and Language Therapy in 2015 to provide high quality therapy to pre-school children and those aged up to 7 years within Cookham, Maidenhead and the surrounding area. Bethan has over 20 years’ experience, working as a Speech and Language Therapist, of  which 12 years was spent with the NHS. Bethan currently offers individual sessions for assessment and treatment as well as training on strategies to support communication difficulties for parents, and within education settings.

Why is communication so important?      

Communication is a hugely important part of our identity. Being able to communicate means being able to say what you want, say it clearly, express your feelings and participate in learning. If your child struggles with these things it can affect their self-esteem, their behaviour and their ability to make progress at nursery and school. Having good communication skills provides an important foundation from which literacy skills can develop. This is where Speech and Language Therapy can help and it is widely acknowledged that the earlier help can be provided, the better.

Who needs Speech and Language Therapy?

Is your 2-year-old not using many words? Does your child not put words together as you would expect them to? Does your child have unclear speech? Does your child have difficulty making friends and playing with you or other children? Does your child stammer when they speak?

As a qualified Speech and Language Therapist, Bethan may be able to help with any of these difficulties. Please get in touch to arrange a 15 minute, no obligation phone call to discuss your concerns and together decide if Speech and Language Therapy may help your child.

Please call 07734995214, email: or complete the online form.