Berkshire Speech and Language Therapy

Below is a pricing guide for speech and language assessment and therapy. Please get in contact to discuss the various options.

Assessment & Advice Session(up to 1 hour, includes written summary) £200
This session will include talking to you about your child’s development and their strengths and needs; observation of your child; assessment using standardised assessment tools; feedback to you regarding the assessment; discussion regarding possible causes and diagnoses of your child’s communication difficulties; provision of recommendations, strategies and signposting to relevant support; and a written summary after the assessment.
Therapy Session (30 mins – 60 mins) £55 to £100
Includes time spent working with your child using therapy techniques and strategies and time spent discussing your child’s progress with you and providing you with recommendations. The therapist observes parents carrying out recommended activities with their child so that advice can be given to parents about how they can best support their child’s progress.